Our team of professionals takes pride in helping ensure the longevity of your Milwaukee area home. Many homeowners are unaware of any problems with their siding or how to correct them. We will help to diagnose any problem and help you to determine the best course of action that fits your budget and style. Having perfect seams can increase the longevity of your home as well as curb appeal. We pride ourselves in amazing expert Fascia and Soffit house siding installation services every time.

“I am very pleased with the soffit/fascia work that M&L did for me. In particular, Eduardo correctly diagnosed a complicated leak coming from my roof. I just want to say in conclusion, that M&L siding and roof work is expertly done, but correctly diagnosing a problem is the key to getting the best results. “ Peggy C (11/24/2020) From the Better Business Bureau

Not only do we have some of the best quality craftsmanship and prices, but we also work as efficiently as possible so you can get back to enjoying your home. Our professional teamwork prioritizes getting you back to enjoying your yard and your home as quickly as possible while still delivering high-quality work. 

“Once the paperwork was all signed they were here less than a week later starting the job. It only took 2 full days of work and now my siding looks fantastic! I will be contacting them again for future work. I would recommend M&L to anyone looking for siding work to be done on their home.” Brandon M (06/02/2020) From the Better Business Bureau

Many homeowners are unaware of what Soffit and Fascia are and why it is so important to have a professional and seamless installation. Fascia is installed by covering the outer edges of the roof, just under the singles, and helps to improve the beauty of your home. Soffit covers the overhang of your home’s roof and covers the wooden studs that support your roof. Your attic is exposed to all sorts of small critters without Soffit and Fascia. They also help to support the structure of your roof and keep moisture and condensation out. This helps to prevent any chance of wood rot, mold, or mildew that can weaken the structure of your home. A professional installation of both Soffit and Fascia can add to your home’s beauty and longevity.

New siding on your home increases the beauty of your home but can also improve the energy costs in your home. Having a tight-fitting Fascia and Soffit help to protect you from all sorts of Wisconsin weather. Our team will help to ensure that your house thrives through many winters to come and any downpours that may be thrown your way. We are able to help assess the best way to keep your home protected from all of the elements.  With seamless siding, you won’t be worried about when each winter’s heating bill comes around. We understand the struggles that homeowners face here in Wisconsin and will work with you year-round to ensure that your home is in the best condition it can possibly be. We pride ourselves on treating your home like ours. Contact us today to learn more about who were are and about our house siding installation services!